Paterson NJ

331 Grand st, Paterson NJ

Passaic NJ

359 Monroe St, Passaic NJ

Passaic NJ

76 Market St, Passaic NJ

Mexican Beverages

Food Delivery

We have a wide variety of mexican beverages like sangria, sidral, jarritos, Okey and coca cola made with cane sugar not corn syup.

Now that winter is upon us, we're serving Champurrado for those wanting to stay warm. Champurrado is a chocolate based "ATOLE". Don't forget your champurrado!

We offer Food Delivery service on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Only Paterson location offering delivery service at this time. Minimum of 4 orders of tacos for delivery. 973-225-9905

Call Us: (973) 225-9905 -  331 Grand St. - Paterson, NJ 07505

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